Puerto Rico

Admissions Rep Dave Frietas

David Freitas

  • Florida: Southeastern, Greater Miami, Southwestern, and South Central Florida
  • Puerto Rico
  • US Virgin Island



My College Memory

One of my favorite memories of college was the period of time when I first came to realize that I really could make it and even excel in a college environment!

As a first-generation student, my path to higher education started at a community college as a commuter student. While I enjoyed the academics and did extremely well, I felt there had to be more to the college experience and wanted to be part of something bigger. I decided to take the plunge and applied as a transfer student and to my excitement, I was accepted to the University of Rhode Island.

I decided that I would take advantage of as many activities and resources that I could. I joined a karate club, played rugby as an inside center, and finally pledged a fraternity and became a Sigma Chi.

Academically, I double-majored in Finance and Marketing and created my own internship for academic credit as the opportunities for this were limited. The full college experience forced me to be organized and establish an ongoing balancing act to keep afloat and progressively move forward, much as you do in real life. I would not have traded this experience for anything, but graduation did come as a wake-up call — time for the real world!

Having made a career at JWU for the last 14 years has made me realize that the approach to education can make a huge difference. My journey would have been significantly better with a more career-focused education that effectively prepares students along the way as sort of a “bridge” to their career paths, while providing all those fun college activities — it’s the best of both worlds!