Martin Stout

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My College Memory

I’ll never forget my graduation ceremony at JWU. I completed my degree in the fall, off-term, and I returned for graduation in May. With that in mind, I had very few expectations for the day other than showing my parents the great university and city I attended for the better part of three years.

But when I received my diploma and looked in the stands to find my parents, I was overwhelmed with how proud they appeared. But that was not all. As I was leaving the auditorium, I was very surprised to be stopped by one of my favorite professors who congratulated me by name for my accomplishments. I had not seen this person in more than six months and he not only remembered me but also my name.

I often share this story when I speak to students about JWU, because here professors are not only great resources for information but they also become a peer for your future.


Elena Doerrie

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My College Memory

My favorite part of being a student at Johnson & Wales University in Providence was getting to keep developing my leadership skills through wonderful National Student Organizations such as Collegiate DECA and FCCLA.

Highlights of my campus leadership experiences include being selected to be part of the original Collegiate Ambassador Team, earning a third place National College DECA win, and volunteering through FCCLA as the Keep Providence Beautiful green puppy dog mascot.