New Jersey


Tara Kalivas

  • Northeast New Jersey


My College Memory

One of my most memorable college experiences was working at the Rec Center on campus. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to make some money, break out of my shell and meet some amazing friends. 

College helped me find myself and taught me the importance of working hard. My undergraduate work paved the way for my graduate studies and an amazing career in college admissions. The college experience goes fast so enjoy every minute of it!


Jake Norton

  • Central/Northwest New Jersey


My College Memory

It was with great trepidation that I unpacked my car, said goodbye to my parents and moved into my freshman dorm room on a beautiful August morning. “Who are these people? Where are they from? Why are they here?” These were the questions racking my brain. I need not have worried.

My favorite college memory is simply the instant camaraderie and bond that I forged with my fellow classmates. I quickly realized that everyone was in the same situation as myself and shared the same concerns. Joining a vibrant, diverse and proud campus community ensured a very smooth transition. The relationships I cultivated with both my peers as well as faculty members continue to this day.

Begin this new chapter of your life with no fear. It will be the best four years of your life!

Admissions Rep Jeff DiGiacomo

Jeffrey DiGiacomo

  • Southern New Jersey


My College Memory

One of my most memorable experiences in college was being a student athlete. I had the opportunity to compete on the university golf team. I traveled to California and played some of the most challenging golf courses in the world.

From these experiences, I learned the importance of teamwork, integrity, and leadership that help shape my career. Attending a university has offered me endless opportunities that I will always relish.