New Hampshire


Wendie Marro

  • Maine
  • New Hampshire
  • Vermont


My College Memory

My most memorable experience in college was belonging to the American Marketing Association. I started college as an accounting major and realized in my second year it was not the right area of study for me. I changed to marketing and almost immediately knew I had made the right choice!

One of my friends belonged to the AMA and convinced me to join. I met so many different people and worked on projects that were relevant to my major. Our AMA chapter organized and ran many large events on campus. I loved working on these big events! Little did I know, in my first job out of college I would be planning many events around the world!

Belonging to the AMA gave me the opportunity to meet new people, learn more about marketing and event planning, develop my leadership skills (I became a chapter officer) and set personal and professional goals for my future. I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and joined. It was a very positive experience for me.