Margie Coupe

  • Eastern Connecticut
  • Southern Connecticut


My College Memory

Walking nervously to my very first retailing class at JWU many years ago, I happened upon my professor for that class. We struck up a conversation quite by chance. Not only did she turn out to have experience in the industry and be a great professor, but better yet, she turned into a lifelong friend and mentor to this very day.

College brought me an array of lifelong cherished friends from all over the country. I became involved with DECA and I’m still closely associated with DECA. I also became involved with Admissions as a student tour guide and had many other experiences that still play a major part in my life today.

If I had to pick 4 consecutive great years of my life, they would most definitely be my college years I attribute my successes both personal and professional to the education I received at JWU.


Kathy Bailey

  • Northwestern Connecticut
  • Western Massachusetts


My College Memory

While I have many great memories about college, I’ll focus on two of them to share.

First, I really enjoyed the diversity of my classmates. As a Culinary Arts student, it was nice to see the city and state or country a student was from on their nametag. It always gave an excuse to start a conversation. Because I am a born and raised a Rhode Islander, I became the tour guide when my new friends would ask where to go to eat, shop or most important, where is the best beach!

The second memory is that I first met my husband, Patrick, in college. While it was a few years after graduation that we met up again, it was a Hospitality course in the Xavier building that started our relationship, going on 8 happily married years now!