Admissions Rep Rachel Gorley

Rachel Kern

  • Colorado


My College Memory

My experience with college is certainly a unique one. I never pictured I would even have a college degree, at least not at this point in my life.

When I was 17, my parents gave their permission for me to enlist in the US Navy. I was slated to go to boot camp one week after my high school graduation in 2012. Knowing that, I intentionally took enough classes to graduate 6 months early from high school.

Right before leaving for boot camp, I had applied to JWU for the culinary program as a way to fill time before leaving. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend classes as I would have had to leave in the middle of the term. After I was discharged from the Navy, I quickly realized I had not made a “Plan B,” or any decisions about attending college.

After a short year at a local community college, I realized I was not happy at the school and was exploring options for transferring when I remembered I had placed my deposit at JWU. After talking to my parents, I enrolled at JWU and I am so glad I did.My time at JWU was the best part of my collegiate education. From the small class sizes to faculty who got to know me on a personal level, I loved being at JWU because it felt like a family. Here I am a few years and three degrees later, working for JWU as an admissions representative — I just can’t get JWU out of my system!

I look forward to helping students fall in love with JWU just like I have.

PS: If you come to the Denver campus for our wonderful culinary program, make sure to take a class with Chef Schrag — you will definitely enjoy his class!