JWU Rep Minh Dang

Minh Dang

  • Central California
  • New Mexico
  • Utah


My College Memory

The two most rewarding experiences during my college years were my participation in the internship and travel abroad programs. Both opportunities provided me with invaluable professionally focused skills and networking advantages in my field of study.

JWU Rep Renee DeNofrio

Renee Denofrio

  • Southern California
  • Arizona
  • Hawaii
  • Alaska
  • US Pacific Territories/Guam


My College Memory 

I graduated from Johnson & Wales in 1990 with a Hospitality Management degree. I later took advantage of the master’s program and obtained my Hospitality Administration degree.  Although I grew up in Rhode Island, I took advantage of living on campus and was able to experience the full college life.

I have many fond memories from Johnson & Wales. These include meeting people from all over the world and building lasting friendships, to participating in an internship and really bonding with my classmates as we spent so much of our time outside the classroom in an actual working environment. This time really allowed me to experience all the different avenues that Johnson & Wales had to offer. I learned what I really loved to do was communicate with people, assisting them with travel plans and hotel events while welcoming them to their newest temporary home. I found this much more appealing than working behind the scenes.

This, for me, was certainly one of the best times in my young life and provided me the groundwork needed to grow into a professional individual with a wonderful career.

Pat GoldenRomero

Pat GoldenRomero

  • Northern California
  • Nevada



My undergraduate college degrees are all in the Hospitality/Restaurant fields, while my MA is in Education. Over the last 30 years I have enjoyed successful careers both working in Hospitality Management and as a college professor in the same subject area. I have also been helping students seek their own career passions while a university admissions administrator for the last 12 years. I am also proud of my accomplishment to publish a Hospitality, Convention Industry college textbook!

My College Memory

As a Culinary Arts student at the Providence campus I especially enjoyed learning how to cost; prepare, many nutritious, and delicious banquet meals which was a great foundation for my career as an Event Manager. After 20 years in this exciting industry I was fortunate to be able to share my knowledge with students while a Hospitality, Restaurant and Event Management instructor at the Denver Campus. I look forward to assisting JWU students achieve their goals in their chosen field of study.